The Importance of Civil Rights Cases

Our civil rights lawyers are proud of the work we do to protect the innocent and to expose the abuses of those who are supposed to protect us. We have dedicated ourselves to the protection of civil liberties. We work to free the unjustly convicted, defend clients in criminal court, and obtain compensation for people whose civil rights have been violated.

When law enforcement officials abuse their power or act in a way that violates an individual’s civil liberties, we are all put in danger. At DiMuzio Zerounian we are committed to protecting victims of police misconduct. We represent clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties in cases involving civil rights violations, including police misconduct. We can help you find the answers you are looking for.

Police Misconduct and False Arrest

Our firm focuses its attention on criminal law and civil litigation. Our knowledge of law enforcement and the criminal justice system is an advantage in cases involving police misconduct. Our team approach means your case will benefit from multiple perspectives. We are often able to find creative solutions, including helping clients in cases concerning excessive force, false arrest, and other violations by law enforcement officials.

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